Vega — New Approach

Vega--Greenland Systems

Vega--Greenland Systems

Why do We Need to Develop Concentrate Solar Collator?


By concentrate the sunlight to get multi-times irritation level, then to generate high temperature thermal energy to supply industries and manufacture.


But….. why the concentrate solar collector is not widely use now?

Three main reasons:

  1. Too expansive if use current design and technical approach.

For example, One Schott Receiver alone costs a small fortune.

Φ70mm, L=2,000mm market price at USD 1,800.-

  1. they need far too much & ongoing TLC (maintenance), reliability is poor.
  2. Installation is totally nightmare for most of case.


  • 2018 “Worldwide Average” installed cost of CST per kW-th stood at USD 5,204.-. This is indeed a historical low.
  • This translates to AUD $ 7,650.- per installed kW “worldwide average”,
  • and to AUD $ 9,650.- ~ 10,200.- per kW installed, allowing for Australian specific installation costs and other factors, e.g. remote location transport



Average Installation of CSP

Introducing VEGA
a mild concentrating modular, lightweight and truly AFFORDABLE high performance CST , from Greenland Systems

VEGA is a completely novel CST design. It was designed completely “from scratch”, almost nothing is inherited from any of the presently existing CST.


Vega is unique among concentrating & tracking collectors in that it does not employ movable hydraulic lines.

Maintenance of hydraulic lines on conventional concentrators accounts for about 40% of all maintenance. Getting rid of these was important

  • Vega is designed to be volume produced and to be installed fast by a very small installation crew
  • Vega is a lightweight, cost-effective CST. A BONUS: it can be installed on most factory roofs
  • Heat from the absorber is effectively transferred to the Heated Fluid in a patented highly turbulent Heat Transfer Chamber at an extremely low pressure and temperature loss
  • Vega does not need any expansion bellows. EBs are a well known Achilles’ Heel in old CSTs
  • Solar Working fluid is separated from the heated fluid. Absorber is freeze proof without using antifreeze
  • Vega can be used to heat a wide variety of fluids, including air 18
  • Cost of a replacement vacuum tube is about $ 100.-, rather than several 1,000 $




VEGA CST module:

Greenland Systems Vega Concentrate Solar Collector

Greenland Systems Vega Concentrate Solar Collector

key specifications

  • 40 kW-th output (at 180*C) – eff. concentration rate: 20:1
  • pressure drop at 40l/m: 22 kPa
  • heat transfer rate: 5,160 W/K – service ceiling: 350*C
  • shade/footprint: 3.6m x 2.2m
  • net mass: 8 kg = 24 kg/kW – tracking sweep range: down to near horizon level – annual heat yield (Perth): min 48,200 MJ at 180degC – latitude optimised elevation
  • AUD $ 1,380~1,820.- per kW-th

Vega Report

Vega Heat Transfer Rates

Conclusion and future.


Vega is a most

Please talk to us about your high volume heat demand

We do not shy away from any challenge

We love to put our knowledge and experience to practical use

We are motivated by ridding our clients from the shackles of their ongoing use of carbon fuels



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