Installer Information

Greenland Systems provide high quality, reliable, efficient “off the shelf” commercial solar water heating solutions to suit a wide range of applications.


Our premium “off the shelf” commercial solar water heating solutions have been sized for peak water loads, and are registered to receive Renewable Energy Certificates (STC’s) under the Federal Small Technology Certificate Scheme.

Greenland Systems solar heating technology is the most efficient on the market due to the unique Advanced Evacuated Tube design.  This key component of the Greenland Systems Light Commercial package is superior to traditional twin wall collectors because it doesn’t lose energy between the components and maximises the efficiency.

Our team of engineers used their experience from the Industrial sector to develop premium Light Commercial solar water heating packages available direct to Commercial trade industry. These packages:
  • are easy to install by qualified commercial plumbers
  • suit a variety of needs from small to medium businesses, city councils, and rural users
  • will provide maximum performance and output for your Light Commercial application
  • provides a reliable, maintenance free, 40+ year service life
  • can be integrated into an existing installation, or used in new installations
  • are cost effective
Greenland Systems provides a unique offering with the following design attributes:
  • premium German Engineered technology
  • near total vacuum to ensure the best performance and efficiency
  • a robust, reliable and maintenance free solar water heating package
  • designed to withstand strong winds and large hail due to tough construction
  • use of high-quality materials such as anodised aluminium for an ‘always as new’ look
  • no regular cleaning required due to special glass treatment repelling dust
  • operates down to -60 degrees Celsius with no loss in performance
  • designed and tested for all relevant Australian Standards


We supply direct to industry and partner with premium Commercial Plumbers, to ensure you get the best pricing possible. And in addition, all of our Light Commercial packages include our industry leading 10-year warranty.

For examples of the applications our Light Commercial packages have been used in see our Case Studies.


Please get in touch below if you would like any further technical information or to discuss working together.