Greenland Systems solar thermal technology provides bespoke renewable heat solutions for large fields with thermal power output available for MW scale applications.


We design the system to integrate into the existing Industrial process or Commercial facility. Thermal power output is smoothed and load matched via appropriate high temperature thermal energy storage and existing site boilers. As such, the Greenland Solar Thermal system acts to displace a meaningful portion of the plant fossil fuel consumption. A 50-70% reduction in fuel use is often achievable - please see our Industrial & Commercial Case Studies.


Our Industrial & Commercial product line is centred around the “Orange Series” GLX100 High Temperature Solar Collectors. In addition to retaining the key premium product elements from the Light Commercial Green Series modules, GLX100 also features:
  • Ultra-high temperature capability, practical for applications to 200 degrees Celsius with stagnation above 350 degrees Celsius
  • Suitable for direct heating of thermal transfer oils
  • Designed to be constructed into very large arrays with low pressure drop
  • Superior performance in both direct and diffused solar irradiation, an ability not shared by other high temperature systems such as parabolic trough collectors
  • Installable at shallow angles, from 12 degrees
  • 12 year warranty provided

The GLX-100 Collectors are made to be durable, quick and easy to install, with one of the many unique advantages being the extremely low pressure drop. This eliminates the need for active flow balancing and allows for a simple series connection with the solar collectors.

Large scale Industrial & Commercial systems can also be eligible for STC’s under the Clean Energy Regulator’s prescriptions. We work closely with engineering and design consultants to ensure all large scale projects are custom designed in order to maximise your economic returns.

For more detailed technical information, read our Industrial & Commercial Technical Page.




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