Singleton Council

Customer Segment

Project Snapshot


The ageing Singleton Community Swim Centre was built in the 1950’s and underwent extensive renovations in 2010. As part of the upgrade, the Singleton Council wanted to incorporate state of the art environmental and sustainability components in order to bring the Centre into the 21st century.

Project Description

  • Thermal load profile of the swim centre was logged and analysed
  • Load profile was compared to various collector types including unglazed black tubing, flat plate and evacuated tube
  • Feasibility study concluded that durability, superior performance and long life of evacuated tubes justified the cost premium

Technology Selection

The indoor swim centre requires pool water at 28-29 deg. and shower facilities at 35-37 deg. However, health regulations require it is heated to 60 deg. to eliminate legionella risk. This requirement precluded to use of common black tubing pool collectors. Greenland Systems collectors were chosen for their advanced temp. capability and year round performance.