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Project Snapshot


The Quays Apartments in Docklands aimed to set a new benchmark in apartment living in Docklands. As part of that brief, the developers wanted to create a sustainability conscious environment. A green star rating of 4-5 stars was the target for the Quays.

MAB Property Group, in conjunction with the hydraulic services contractor and Greenland Systems designed independent split - systems for each building. The use of coil heat exchangers between the solar fields and the hot water storage ensured hydraulic separation and avoided fluid pumping cavitation issues.

Project Description

The strong winds experienced atop tall buildings in urban settings was a concern for the developers. Greenland Systems collectors were chosen due to the extensive wind testing undertaken by the manufacturer.

The field has been designed to provide 70C water to multiple centralised 2,500L tanks, which supply tempered water to individual instantaneous gas boosters.