Product & Services

Greenland Systems works with Industrial customers to create bespoke renewable heat solutions. We are a problem solver, a solutions provider and project developer.

Our objective is to work collaboratively with you to provide a solution that will:

  • Lower energy operating costs
  • Reduce reliance on fossil fuels
  • Improve triple bottom line and sustainability objectives

South Australia Application

We do this through our 3 Step Project Development Process:


Step 1: Scoping & Concept

Establish your site’s thermal process load and operating settings, noting the existing boiler configuration and primary energy cost. We then present concept options based on site objectives.



Step 2: Feasibility & Design

Once scoped, our engineers optimise the solar thermal solution, taking into account local solar conditions. System integration feasibility & design, along with financial outcomes are presented.


Step 3: Contract

Finally, upon contracting, we engage our EPCM partners to deliver a turnkey solution. We also offer zero capital finance solutions, such as Thermal Energy Purchase Agreements, resulting in immediate energy cost savings.

We have two core product lines:

Our modules have been tested at the Monash University wind tunnel at 180 km/h, equivalent to a category 4 cyclone. 

Some of the key product features include:
  • High efficiency for optimum performance
  • Maintenance free with no moving parts
  • Modular construction, providing expandability
  • Extremely durable construction, designed to withstand: powerful hail impacts, high winds and snow loads
Bespoke systems incorporate innovative high-temperature thermal energy storage appropriate to the application. Ask us how below.